. . . My Style . . .


Can you imagine your life without pictures? Nothing for you to be remembered by, not an image reflecting who you are and what matters most to you? Each image I take is carefully thought through, edited and ready for print so your life and legacy is captured to live on and be cherished by generations to come. 

My approach to newborn photography is simple. I want the images to be timeless and sweet, not overdone. I love taking a combination of baby poses to capture  with some of baby in his or her new environment to ensure memories of what the world was like while they sleep away. 

My lifestyle photography of families with new ones and young ones tells a story using intimate details and emotion as they unfold. This flows straight out of my desire to capture you for who you are and what you love. I love the in between, candid moments and always hope to fade into the background letting real moments happen in meaningful settings because this is what memories are made of. It is not about what's perfect. It's about what is priceless.

Finally, and very important to me, is the final product. In a world full of images stashed away in digital form it is ever important to have  quality images that tell your story in your home for hands to hold and for family and guests to see on your walls. Among other beautiful ways to create tangible images I love classic albums and matted prints to finish and display timeless portraits.