Milestone Session with Owen

I am shamelessly posting my session with my own baby, Owen, who is taking his time reaching the milestones of sitting and crawling...and I couldn't be more grateful. As much as I love a baby that can sit without toppling over, rushing his baby stages is not something I want to do. It’s all going too fast as it is…the longer I can hang on to this the better! But he can sit up enough now that I couldn't resist his “sitter session” with all his squeezable rolls!

These milestone sessions are a favorite for me. Although newborn portraits are of utmost importance because itty bitty babes change every day, milestone portraits cannot be missed! As a parent you're getting to know your child week by week and portraits at this stage capture their little personalities while they're showing off their newest developments. They'll never be "just sitting and crawling" again! More info about a First Year program coming to my website soon!


owen sitter collage.jpg